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I enjoyed this game a lot! I thought the art and music was enchanting and the puzzles weren't too hard or too simple. You managed to make a balanced game and I look forward to the full version! Great job!

Ty for playing and making this lets play!!


This was Absolutely Delightful! I found the nudges at Caroll's novel very subtle and well timed. The game has an overall charismatic feel to it which most RPG's should have (unless it is horror). The characters are adorable and a bit twisted, again a great nuance of the Wonderland Theme. Although the game and characters are new, it feels fresh because our character seems foreign to this world as well.  The puzzles were a great way to add some length to the demo, but the artwork was definitely what made this game attractive. The night cycle was especially vibrant, full of red and purple shades. Your game has great world building aspects which any game needs in order to connect with the player. Really great job on this demo, I am looking forward to a full release!


Thanks for playing and making gameplay (I haven't watched it bc i didnt had time yesterday but i will check it out today). Im SUPER happy you liked it l, commemts like this tell its worth to make more games. And yes this game is puzzle rpg not horror (there are some more serious moments later but thats all). When i make full ver should I notify you??


If it wouldn’t be any trouble I would certainly appreciate it.  I myself have read the novel and find the parallels enjoyable. This charming game is one I hope to see grow into a full version! 


This game is so awesome!!! Keep it up!


Hey there! Just found out about the degica contest recently, looked through the games and spotted yours due to the art.

The art style is great, kind of like that charming gothic kind of look, but also a little stylized to look cool too. It reminded me a bit of Inu Curry's stuff from Madoka and such. 

What were your inspirations for the art style, and do you have a link to more of your art work? Thanks in advance!


Hi, and thanks for such a nice comment! 

One of my main inpirations is Hajime Ueda, you can see examples of his artstyle in monogatari series endings. He's artstyle is very unique and even scary tbh. My other inspiration is Deep Sea prisoner, I started making games after playing their games and while I'm not exactly a fan of their games (they have some gore and show incest as well as rape), I love the way they design and draw characters. I also follow a lot of artists on twitter that have interesting artstyles!

If you want to see more of my art and game development you can browse my twitter


Ooh, I've seen some of his stuff around, forgot he existed!
Dea Sea Prisoner I haven't known about, but I checked it out and I do like their style!
There's something about styles like theirs that is just so charming.

Thanks for sharing, gave you a follow :D

Unique looks, fun mechanics, and AWESOMESAUCE music!
Some really unique things are going on here, and so as a fellow RPG Maker game dev, I learned a lot!


I will thank ONE MORE TIME bc why not, but i have more important question

When False Awakening episode 3???

Haha, most welcome! 
And... that's a difficult question to answer.   (; ̄Д ̄) 

The thing is... I'm currently working on something else... but don't shoot me! Let me explain!  ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

After I published episode 2  on 15th November, I wanted to cook a very small game for IGMC. (10-20 minutes long.) 
When I started writing the story for this 'very small' game, I realized that I didn't know how to write for it... (it took me DAYS to realize this!) 

And so! I did an online course on how to write short stories, and THEN I was FINALLY able to complete my story.  (I've titled it: 'False Rebirth'.)
After that, some other 'unexpected' work came up, and I couldn't work on my IGMC project...  (╥_╥)

Now I've decided that I'm going to finish working on 'False Rebirth'. And THEN I'll start working on 'False Awakening Episode 3'.

I expect False Rebirth will take me around 10-20 days to finish.
And False Awakening Episode 3 will take me around 30 days to complete. 

Starting January, I might get busy with 'life', so it could take a while until I complete episode 3.  (╯︵╰) 

TLDR; Episode 3 is going to... take a while.  (¬_¬;) 

~ On a brighter note, I'm SUPER HAPPY that you're eager to play episode 3! (You're the first person who has asked about it. So I'm ALL excited to work on it now! Thank you so much!)